Education and Workforce Development

“Margolis truly changed the trajectory of my undergraduate career, and I am so thankful to my village of mentors, who have made this journey possible.”
Kushal Kadakia
--Kushal Kadakia 

Duke Undergraduate and 2019 Rhodes Scholar

Our Approach

A key pillar of the Duke-Margolis Center’s mission is to educate and train the next generation of leaders who will advance heath and the value of health care at the local, state, national, and global level.  Health reform problems are among the most complex and pressing of the 21st century, and future health care leaders must have both technical knowledge and the ability to work and lead across a broad range of perspectives to succeed. 

To meet this aim, Duke-Margolis provides education and training opportunities to develop and hone students’ understanding of health and health care, health policy making and reform, and the capabilities that health-related organizations need to achieve greater value in care. In addition, our programs are designed to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders are equipped with the analytic, communication, and leadership skills demanded by an ever-complex health care environment. As a University-wide center, an interdisciplinary focus underpins our unique approach to education, bringing together scholarship in public policy, medicine, nursing, law, business, and other fields. Through a growing number of course offerings; experiential learning opportunities: professional development and leadership trainings; formal and informal faculty/staff and student mentoring; and networking and community-building programming, the engagement of undergraduate and graduate students in health policy is growing across the University. To strengthen our expanding interdisciplinary work in undergraduate education, the Center established in 2018 the Duke-Margolis Student Advisory Council that comprises 17 undergraduates working with Duke-Margolis to develop additional programs and engagement opportunities.

Future Directions

In the future, Duke-Margolis will also:

  • Collaborate on faculty recruitment to help fill curricular gaps in health policy
  • Strive to make the Center a university-wide asset to help in the recruitment and mentoring of masters-level, PhD, and MD students doing health policy research
  • Build on current projects to expand executive education offerings
  • Continue to develop undergraduate course-based and experiential learning opportunities