For Students

Undergraduate students

For undergraduates, the Center will focus on increasing opportunities to gain exposure to the field of health policy through collaborative curricular pathways and expanded mentored research opportunities for undergraduates interested in health policy. As a first step, we have arranged for additional sections of PUBPOL 165 (Introduction to the United States Healthcare System) to be offered in the coming school year, thereby expanding the academic gateway for undergraduates with an interest in exploring health policy. Duke-Margolis also proposed and gained funding for a Duke University Bass Connections course focused on NC Medicaid reform and a second course for 2018-2019 in Alzheimer's through Caregivers, including faculty from Law, Policy, Nursing, and members of the Duke-Margolis research staff in Washington, DC. In addition, we have formed the Duke-Margolis Student Advisory Council (DMSAC) to serve as the bridge between undergraduate students and the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. Through DMSAC, undergrads work with Duke-Margolis faculty and staff to develop new academic programs and course curricula, host career and professional development programs, and ultimately raise awareness on health policy-driven career opportunities, recruiting Duke students to become the next generation of leaders in this space.​

Graduate and Professional Students

Graduate and Professional education is a linchpin for the development of future policy-aware professionals. As a university-wide enterprise designed to attract and mentor PhD and medical students doing health policy research, Duke-Margolis is collaborating closely with the Sanford School of Public Policy, the School of Medicine, and the new Center for Population Health Sciences on curricular innovations and opportunities to expand health policy course offerings for graduate and professional students.  Through these partnerships and those with other universities, Duke-Margolis intends to provide health policy course offerings and research opportunities, as well as exploration of collaborative policy-focused postdoctoral fellowships. Key initiatives include:

National Pharmaceutical Council and Duke-Margolis Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Health Care Policy 
The National Pharmaceutical Council and Duke-Margolis have officially opened application submissions for its 2020-2022 Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Health Care Policy. The deadline for applications is Jan. 15.
Read more about the application process here:

Continuing and Executive Education

The Center is developing executive education offerings, such as working with associations and private industry to create a network of midlevel executives engaged in ongoing education in health policy and corporate leadership, including participation in a year-long collaborative research project. Duke-Margolis faculty are working with colleagues to add health policy modules to ongoing continuing education efforts. Over our first year, we will refine and gain continuous feedback on executive education curricula and evaluate the scalability of custom executive education partnerships into more general offerings.

Margolis Seminars

The seminars aim to connect the Duke-wide health policy community, and to help people form, develop, and shape their health policy-related work. Most seminars cover research or policy analysis in progress, while others include presentations by faculty, staff, and visitors on significant newly-released research or legislation/regulations. Please click on the link above for more information.