Cornelia Henschke, PhD, MSc

2018-19 German Harkness/B. Braun Stiftung Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice

Cornelia Henschke, Ph.D., M.Sc., is a 2018-19 German Harkness/B. Braun Stiftung Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice. She is currently the Head of the Research Group MeDIoRI (Medical Devices: Incentives and Impact of Regulatory Instruments) and the Deputy Head of the Berlin Centre of Health Economics Research at the Department of Health Care Management, Berlin University of Technology. Her research focuses on investigating the effects of policies on pricing, access and quality of care, especially in the context of health technologies. Furthermore, she investigates emergency care services in Germany with the aim of improving health care services.

Her current research project during the fellowship focuses on financing mechanisms of medical devices, especially for new technologies. Using claims data and stakeholder interviews Cornelia explores Medicare’s ‘new technology add-on payment’ (NTAP) program and its effects on hospitals’ utilization of these technologies. Furthermore, she investigates projects of the National Evaluation System for Health Technology Coordinating Center (NESTcc) that have been developed through an innovative framework for gathering real-world evidence to foster the provision of safe and effective care with medical devices. The framework’s suitability for the German/European context, and whether insurers could make use of NESTcc activities to support value-based decision-making, will be explored.


Ph.D. in economics, Berlin University of Technology

Diploma’s degree (M.Sc. equivalent) in business administration with special emphasis on health care management and accounting, Berlin University of Technology