Collaborative Short-Term Action to Advance America's Health


Collaborative Short-Term Action to Advance America's Health

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The health challenges facing the United States in the 21st century require a reinvigorated, feasible approach to public health and accountable population health – an approach that leverages traditional public health institutions working in close partnership with health systems and social services. This approach will require better leveraging of digital data systems, biomedical innovations, and trends in health policy and payment reforms to enhance community-specific capabilities through public-private collaboration. Enhanced collaboration will, in turn, enable better prediction and response to public health challenges; restored public trust and confidence; and better, more resilient, and more sustainable health care and public health capabilities.

Join the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy on February 29, 2024, for a dialogue with federal officials and leading experts from across health care and public health. This webinar will focus on collaborative short-term actions that could be taken to advance America’s health – as well as emerging comprehensive strategies for public health and health care to seed further progress in 2025 and beyond.

The National Academy of Medicine and Duke-Margolis have published an accompanying issue brief as the first step in an initiative to address the most pressing challenges in reinvigorating public health and the sector’s collaboration with health care organizations.