Health Equity and Policy Toolkit for Educators

Health Equity and Policy Toolkit for Educators Cover

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Health Equity and Policy Toolkit for Educators

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April 26, 2021


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As a thought leader in health policy and research, the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy has a vital role in furthering our understanding of the impacts of racial inequities on health and health care and how health policies can dismantle or perpetuate them, and identify practical solutions to achieve health equity. As part of its mission, Duke-Margolis aims to educate and train the next generation of health policy leaders. Consequently, the Duke-Margolis education programs assume a key role in ensuring these learners hone the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to understand and address racial and ethnic health inequities, achieve health equity, and contribute to professional settings that are anti-racist and equitable. The components of this toolkit were developed to evaluate and enhance Duke-Margolis' academic priorities, curriculum, and educational programming to make sure they align with the Center's goals related to anti-racism and health equity. With growing recognition as a health policy education leader, Duke-Margolis has an opportunity to model how education programs can advance racial equity and an inclusive and restorative learning experience.

This toolkit aims to provide health policy educators with tools and resources to incorporate health equity principles and concepts into their curriculum, courses, and programs. This toolkit serves as a resource for creating inclusive learning spaces, linking health equity principles within the policy context, and developing curricula that builds competency in understanding and addressing health inequities.