Internship Program Deliverables

Internship Program Deliverables

Our Duke-Margolis Interns gain practical experience in qualitative and quantitative research as well as training and coaching on presentation and writing skills. In addition to the research and work that they engage in, our Interns are expected to complete a variety of deliverables to showcase their learnings and experience with the program. The purpose of this page is to provide more information on the deliverables that Duke-Margolis Interns complete as a part of their culminating experience. Below you will find examples and access to our four program deliverables: Summer Research Symposium Posters, TedTalk Presentations, Program Reflections, and Health Equity Reflection Memos. 

Summer Research Symposium Posters

The aim of the Symposium is to provide students an opportunity to interact with leaders from academia, industry partners, various funding agencies, and publishers at a single venue. Interns create academic research posters that summarize the research they conduct with their mentor and research teams over the program. Posters presentations are then recorded, imitating a poster session, and shared.


TedTalk Presentations

The aim of the Margolis Seminar TedTalk Presentation is to provide students with the opportunity to share their research and/or a topic of interest with the broader Duke community. Interns prepare a 3-minute TedTalk style presentation on the research they engaged in the summer or a research topic that they are passionate about. 


Program Reflections

The goal of the reflection component, is for interns to reflect and share experiences as a Margolis Summer Intern, and of their Duke and future journeys in health policy with Margolis and the world. Reflections include either a video blog or written journal, answering guiding questions and prompts.


Health Equity Reflection Memos

The purpose of the Health Equity Reflection Memo is to provide students with an opportunity to connect what they are learning through the program's Journal Club to their policy-focused internship projects. The goal is to have students apply health equity concepts and tools to an existing Margolis health policy project.

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2021 Health Equity Reflection Memo