Margolis Scholars in Business

Margolis Scholars is a university-wide program led and supported by the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. The program provides students interested in health policy and management from graduate schools across Duke with an interdisciplinary perspective on key health policy and management issues as well as relevant practical and research opportunities to support professional development. The program prepares students to cultivate dynamic careers in government, academia, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector.

Margolis Scholars is not a separate degree program, and Margolis Scholars enrolled at the Fuqua School of Business are permitted to participate in joint degree programs. The program aims to select up to three Margolis Scholars from the Fuqua School of Public Policy each year – up to two Scholars from the daytime MBA program and up to one Scholar from the Executive MBA program. Daytime MBA Scholars will engage in the program for 17 months (January through May of following year); Executive MBA Scholars will engage in the program for 16 months (January through April of following year). 

Below are further details about the benefits of the Margolis Scholars program, Scholar expectations, eligibility and selection criteria, and the application process.


Margolis Scholars will receive: 

  • A one-time financial award. 
  • Participation in Duke-Margolis Health Policy Center events and experiential learning opportunities, including in applied research/policy projects led by Margolis Center faculty and trip to DC to learn from and network with health policy leaders.
  • Membership in the Margolis Scholars community of graduate students.
  • Increased exposure to health care faculty, staff, and other experts across Duke as well as external senior leaders and practitioners.
  • Guidance on and support for internship, job placement, and career advancement from the Faculty Director of the Margolis Scholars program and Margolis leadership and affiliated faculty and staff.
  • Recognition as a Margolis Scholar.

Expectations of the Scholars

Margolis Scholars are expected to fulfill the listed minimum expectations:

  • Participate in Margolis Scholars events (e.g., seminars, conferences, annual Scholars reception).
  • Organize at least one Margolis Center event on a health policy or management issues of interest, in collaboration with other Margolis Scholars.
  • Scholar(s) will enroll in the HLTHMGMT 716 “Week in DC” Course during Fall 1 or 2 Terms, and participate in the trip to Washington in January for meetings with health care policy executives and elected officials. Scholars can use part of their stipend to pay the cost required for this unique elective course.
Specific expectations by program
  • Daytime MBA Scholar(s) will be expected to stay enrolled in courses at Fuqua during their second year, and will not plan to participate in an exchange program.
  • Daytime MBA Scholar(s) are strongly encouraged to enroll in PUBPOL 890.01 “Policy and Management for High-Value Health Care” course, as their class schedule permits.
  • Daytime MBA students will dedicate summer following the 1st year to an internship related to health policy or health management. Eligible internships must be approved by HSM leadership and the Faculty Director of the Margolis Scholars program.  
  • Executive MBA Scholar’s HSM Project course topic will be focused on a health policy and management issue determined by course Professor Jim Emery, and in collaboration with Margolis Scholars faculty leadership.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria 

Ideal candidates:

  • Must be a first year daytime MBA student or an Executive MBA student at Fuqua and enrolled in the HSM certificate program.
  • Have demonstrated a clear intention of pursuing a career in health care management or policy following graduation.
  • Indicate a strong interest in taking advanced health management and policy courses and engaging in health-related activities at Duke.

Application Process 

Margolis Scholars are selected from students currently enrolled in the daytime or Executive MBA program at Fuqua. Applicants are required to submit:

  1. Current resume
  2. Most recent transcript
  3. Professional or academic reference letter
  4. Personal statement (3 pages max) that details:
    1. Why you are interested in the Margolis Scholars program and how it will benefit you
    2. Previous health industry or policy experience (if any)
    3. Key areas or topics of interest, and
    4. Future professional goals and directions.
Check back for more information on recruitment in Fall 2019. 

For more information:

Kate Miller, MSM, Executive Director, Health Sector Management Program. Email

Corinna Sorenson, PhD, MHSA, MPH, Faculty Director, Margolis Scholars Program. Email