Margolis Seminars Past Topics 2019

May 31, 2019   
Encouraging Innovative Antimicrobial Development through Incentives and Payment Reform
Monika Schneider

Identifying opportunities for research-policy collaboration
Jenni Owen

May 17, 2019
Is Netflix the Cure? Operationalizing the Subscription Payment Model for Hepatitis C
Taruja Karamaker

Marianne Hamilton Lopez

May 10, 2019
The Impact of the Zero-Price Effect on Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment
Dave Anderson

Drug Pricing Discussion
Marianne Hamilton Lopez

Payment Reform Alone Is Not Enough: Update on Collaboration With West Health and Request for Input on Upcoming Roadmap
Mark Japinga

April 19, 2019   
Transforming Alzheimer's Disease Care through Integrating Caregiver
Bass Connections Students (1)

Pocket Colposcope: Analysis of Bringing Elements of Referral Services to Primary/Community Care
Bass Connections Students (2)

April 5, 2019
ACOs Caring for People Living with Serious Illness: The National Landscape and Cross Cutting Themes from Case Studies
Will Bleser

Elizabeth Dole Foundation regarding caregiver inclusion in the VA Healthcare System​
Nina Sperber and Nathan Boucher

March 22, 2019
VERITAS ABCs: Arthroplasty, Bundled Payments, and Costs – where to go from here
Janet Bettger

Mailed FIT for colon cancer screening: getting outside the office
Mike Pignone

March 1, 2019
Moore (ACO and Serious Illness)
Brystana Kaufman

From Discounts to Rebates and Back Again: Understanding the In re Brand Name Prescription Drugs Antitrust Litigation Settlement
Barak Richman

February 15, 2019
The Development of National Cardiothoracic Databases for Quality Improvement and their Role in Healthcare Policy
Fred Grover

Part D / Rebate Proposal Update
Marianne Hamilton Lopez and Morgan Romine

February 1, 2019
Multi-level Health Policy Issues in Oncolog​y
Steve Patierno

Parental incarceration and children’s health services utilization
Beth Gifford

January 25, 2019
Integrated Care for Kids Model Proposal​
Charlene Wong

Health Care Reform in North Carolina: Update and Outlook
Mark McClellan and Rob Saunders

January 11, 2019
Implementing the American College of Physicians Guideline on Low Back Pain – Challenges and Opportunities​
Christine Goertz

Margolis All Hands Meeting