News Update December 16, 2019

Health Policy Internship Program

Interested in a Summer internship with a focus on health policy? Apply now!

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News Update November 19, 2019

NC Medicaid Data Show Progress In State’s Opioid Epidemic, But Access to Treatment Needed

A new analysis of North Carolina Medicaid data finds that, while important progress is being made in...

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“To put these Medicaid findings in context, in North Carolina, about half of people coming to the emergency department for opioid-related overdoses are uninsured.”

— Aaron McKethan, PhD

Press Release September 27, 2019

Press Release: Evaluating Real-World Data Reliability for Drug Development and Regulation

Washington, DC—In a new paper, the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy provides a systematic...

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News Update September 22, 2019

New Research Shows Impact of Recent Policies on ACO Growth

Salt Lake City, October 21, 2019— Leavitt Partners and the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy...

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