Hayden Bosworth PhD

Hayden Bosworth

Affiliated Faculty

Hayden Bosworth, PhD


PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Omboni S, McManus RJ, Bosworth HB, Chappell LC, Green BB, Kario K, et al. Evidence and Recommendations on the Use of Telemedicine for the Management of Arterial Hypertension: An International Expert Position Paper. Hypertension. 2020 Nov;76(5):1368–83.

Kobe EA, Edelman D, Tarkington PE, Bosworth HB, Maciejewski ML, Steinhauser K, et al. Practical Telehealth to improve control and engagement for patients with clinic-refractory diabetes mellitus (PRACTICE-DM): Protocol and baseline data for a randomized trial. Contemp Clin Trials. 2020 Sep 21;106157.

Zullig LL, Oakes MM, McCant F, Bosworth HB. Lessons learned from two randomized controlled trials: CITIES and STOP-DKD. Contemp Clin Trials Commun. 2020 Sep;19:100612.