Joslin Coggan

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Margolis Summer Interns

Joslin Coggan

Joslin Coggan is a rising senior at Duke University double majoring in Global Health and Political Science. At Duke, she is the president of Duke Desarrolla, a student organization which aims to connect students to Latin America with a focus on sustainable development and community-based partnerships. Additionally, she works on a Bass Connections team researching privacy implications of contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Joslin is concerned with how conflict exacerbates health inequities and developing global health interventions for individuals experiencing or displaced by conflict. She is ultimately interested in addressing global health from a policy or legal perspective. In her free time, Joslin enjoys whitewater kayaking and is a member of the Duke Ski Club. This summer, Joslin will be researching topics related to COVID vaccine purchasing and manufacturing research, and global vaccine equity.

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2021 Summer Research Symposium Presentation

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