Kamaria Kaalund


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Kamaria Kaalund

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B.A., Wellesley College

Kamaria Kaalund earned her undergraduate degree at Wellesley College majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Anthropology. During her time at Wellesley, in addition to numerous leadership roles within campus organizations, she worked with the Early Childhood Cognition Lab at MIT on an online child development platform, at the Computational Cognitive Development Lab at Rutgers University as a summer intern, and then within Wellesley’s Centers for Women National SEED Project to support its goals of creating conversational communities that drive personal, organizational, and societal change toward greater equity and diversity.

In her role at Duke-Margolis, Kamaria will support projects within my research portfolio and our education initiatives. Long term Kamaria is hoping to target graduate studies in public health or policy. While working with us at the Center, she is looking to engage in applied interdisciplinary research with implications on human health and policy