Madeline Fowler

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Madeline Fowler

Maddie Fowler is a graduating senior from Duke University. At Duke, she studies an individually designed Program II major in Disability Studies and Ethical Mental Health Care. Maddie has done research on executive functioning at the Center for Autism and Brain Development, as well as multidisciplinary research about the impact of community ideology and practices centering on people with disabilities. In the future, she hopes to advocate for disability justice within the medical field. Outside of her studies, Maddie loves hiking and playing the piccolo with the Duke University Marching Band during basketball games. This summer, Maddie will be working on projects spanning work on the NC Early Childhood Action Plan, and intellectual/developmental disability policy.

                                                             Margolis Internship Program - Work & Deliverables

2021 Summer Research Symposium Presentation

2021 Intern TedTalk

2021 Video Journal & Program Reflection

Read "NC Must End its Cruel and Unjust Denial of Services to People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities" by Maddie Fowler