Sandra E. Yankah Ph.D.


Research Team

Sandra E. Yankah, Ph.D.


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University

Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Valdosta State University

Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology, Western Carolina University’s Honors College

Sandra E. Yankah, Ph.D. is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy. Within this role, she lends her expertise to projects focused on health equity, health system improvement, and the exploration of bioethical implications at the nexus of health policy and biomedical innovation. Dr. Yankah graduated from Western Carolina University’s Honors College with bachelor's degrees in psychology and Sociology and subsequently completed a master's degree in clinical psychology at Valdosta State University. Afterward, she completed a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. While completing her doctoral degree, Dr. Yankah completed numerous research and service initiatives centered on health policy, including serving on the university’s Health Insurance Advocacy Committee, participating in the Research to Policy Collaboration, and completing the Virginia Academy of Science Engineering and Medicine’s COVES fellowship. Dr. Yankah brings her background and extensive experience in social drivers of health outcomes, dissemination and implementation science, and health services research. She is based in Durham, North Carolina.