Value-Based Care Around the World

Value-Based Care Around the World


Over the past five years, Margolis developed several projects focused on care  payment and care delivery reforms. Informed by these projects, Margolis developed a value-based framework to guide the implementation and evaluation of value-based care initiatives.

Value-Based Care Framework

The value-based care framework includes four key components of high-value health systems. Successful implementation of value-based approaches requires health policies to support population health improvement activities, financing models that promote population level accountability and alignment across health system components and providers, organizational competencies (e.g. governance, change management, health IT, and finance) that increase capabilities to achieve value, delivery innovations that support improvements and population health spanning medical needs and social determinants of health, and evaluation tools or methods to analyze and support systematic scaling of innovations. 


Value-Based Care Framework



Accountable Care Forum-World Innovation Summit for Health

Duke-Margolis chaired the Accountable Care Forum for the 2016 World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), an international panel of experts aiming to develop a policy agenda to help policymakers advance accountable care policy, payment, innovation and organizational competency reforms. 

Funder: World Innovation Summit for Health

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health implications

Implications of Global Experiences with Accountable Care

This project builds upon previous work regarding the implications of global experiences with accountable care for the United States' healthcare system with the aim of accelerating uptake of successful experiences with accountable care and other innovations in the US by promoting the exchange of best practices and knowledge.


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Comparing health systems

Comparative Health Systems

In collaboration with health system leaders around the world, Duke-Margolis team members have researched how health systems  around the world can accelerate their journey towards value-based care. 

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Duke-Margolis Team

Andrea Thoumi headshot

Andrea Thoumi, MPP, MSc

Area Lead, Community Health and Equity
Faculty Director of Health Equity Educational Programming
Senior Team Member
Anti-Racism and Equity Committee Member
Core Faculty Member
Adjunct Assistant Professor
2020 Intern Mentor

Jonathan Gonzalez-Smith

Jonathan Gonzalez-Smith, MPAff

Assistant Research Director

Mark McClellan

Mark McClellan, MD, PhD

Director of the Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy
Robert J. Margolis, MD, Professor of Business, Medicine and Policy
Margolis Executive Core Faculty

Yolande Pokam Tchuisseu

Yolande Pokam Tchuisseu, MSc

Senior Policy Analyst


Krishna Udayakumar, MD, MBA

Director of Post-Graduate Education Initiatives, Margolis Center
Associate Professor of Global Health and Medicine
Margolis Executive Core Faculty
2020 Intern Mentor