Duke-Margolis Career Opportunities

Duke-Margolis Career Opportunities

Do you want to be part of health policy in action? Do you want to work on the leading health policy issues confronting cities, states, the nation, and the globe? Do you want to work for a historic, world renowned university that values its faculty, educators and students?  How about a competitive salary with robust benefits? The Duke-Margolis team is a dynamic, high impact national leader in leveraging policy to ensure high quality, affordable care for all. 

In our work, Duke-Margolis addresses critical health policy challenges and delivers practical, innovative, and evidence-based solutions to improve health and the value of health care. The interdisciplinary nature of Duke-Margolis brings together policy experts, researchers, health care professionals, and students from across Duke’s schools of medicine, nursing, law, public policy, business, and engineering, and fosters extensive relationships with and engagement of key stakeholders. These relationships span foundations, private sector organizations, state and federal governments, and global entities. The Center fosters excellence, leadership, and scholarship at every level.

A complete list of open positions can be found below. Is today the day you take your first step toward joining the Duke-Margolis team? We are waiting for you…

Duke-Margolis is recruiting for the following positions:

Policy Fellow
Focus: Child and Family Health Policy
Durham, NC

Duke-Margolis has an opening for a Policy Fellow, Child and Family Health, to develop and manage major components of the Center’s research and policy analysis related to the implementation of child and family health policy. This position serves as a senior-level resource for enhancing policy analysis and research in child and family health policy, advising multiple policy research program areas within Duke-Margolis. The overarching goal of this cross-cutting role is to support the expansion of Duke-Margolis’s impact and development of evidence-based policy recommendations in local, state, national, and global settings
Postdoctoral Associate in Health Policy
Durham, NC

The Robert J. Margolis, MD, Center for Health Policy at Duke University (Duke-Margolis) is seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral Associate to join the Duke-Margolis Postdoctoral Associate Program in Health Policy. This prestigious opportunity is ideal for a graduate (PhD, MD, PharmD, other relevant equivalent) demonstrating a strong interest in, and commitment to, a career in health policy.

Research topics will be drawn from the following areas of interest:

- Evidence-based Decision Making: Duke-Margolis has a broad policy research portfolio which targets the use of evidence-based decision modeling to inform decision making at the local, state, national, and global level. Clinical areas of application currently include hearing loss, gynecologic cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Methods include cost-effectiveness analysis, value of information analyses, evidence synthesis, meta-analysis, and translation of findings into tools to inform policy and practice.
- Health care Transformation: Duke-Margolis has a broad policy research portfolio at the local, state, national and global level centered on evidence-based strategies for improving the quality and value of health care. Focus areas include empirical analysis of health care policy, partnerships with states to identify best practices for public payers, improving population health, new care and payment models for advanced and complex illness, national and global thought leadership, and clinical pathway reform.
- Biomedical Innovation: Duke-Margolis' biomedical innovation policy research spans real-world evidence development, regulatory science, and medical products payment, pricing, and coverage. Focus areas include assessing the value of health technologies, value-based payment design for drugs and devices, improving the science of development and review, and including best practices for using real-world data in regulatory and payment decisions.