Duke-Margolis Career Opportunities

Duke-Margolis Career Opportunities

Do you want to be part of health policy in action? Do you want to work on the leading health policy issues confronting cities, states, the nation, and the globe? Do you want to work for a historic, world renowned university that values its faculty, educators and students?  How about a competitive salary with robust benefits? The Duke-Margolis team is a dynamic, high impact national leader in leveraging policy to ensure high quality, affordable care for all. 

In our work, Duke-Margolis addresses critical health policy challenges and delivers practical, innovative, and evidence-based solutions to improve health and the value of health care. The interdisciplinary nature of Duke-Margolis brings together policy experts, researchers, health care professionals, and students from across Duke’s schools of medicine, nursing, law, public policy, business, and engineering, and fosters extensive relationships with and engagement of key stakeholders. These relationships span foundations, private sector organizations, state and federal governments, and global entities. The Center fosters excellence, leadership, and scholarship at every level.

A complete list of open positions can be found below. Is today the day you take your first step toward joining the Duke-Margolis team? We are waiting for you…

Duke-Margolis is recruiting for the following positions:

Position Title: Research Director
Focus: Medical Product Development and Regulatory Policy
Location: Washington, DC

This Research Director will be responsible for directing a portfolio of projects related to the science, economics, and regulation of medical product development. The Research Director interacts regularly with external project sponsors and collaborators, including government agencies, academic centers, advocacy organizations, medical product manufacturers, and health care organizations. The individual in this role collaborates with Duke-Margolis executive leadership and manages the day-to-day implementation of multiple projects to ensure the successful execution of project objectives and the Center’s strategic goals.
Position Title: Research Director
Focus: Biomedical Innovation, Medical Products Payment, Pricing, and Coverage Policy
Location: Washington, DC

The Biomedical Innovation program within the Robert J. Margolis, MD, Center for Health Policy at Duke University has an immediate opening for a Research Director to direct a research team focused on the payment, pricing, and coverage of medical products. The Center’s Biomedical Innovation program works to enable a more efficient, affordable, and equitable biomedical pathway for the development, regulation, and use of life-saving drugs and medical devices.

The Research Director in this position will lead the strategic design, management, and direction of the Center’s work within medical product payment, pricing, and coverage. The individual in this role will interact regularly with an array of external project sponsors and collaborators including government agencies, academic centers, advocacy organizations, medical product manufacturers, and health care organizations. The Research Director will be responsible for oversight and direction of a portfolio of projects within this research area that are managed either personally or by staff under their supervision, including strategic oversight of a multi-stakeholder consortium focused on value-based payment models for medical products.
Position Title: Policy Analyst
Focus: Antimicrobial Resistance
Location: Washington, DC

This position performs a variety of complex activities in research, writing, and analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative data within the scope of research and policy projects focused on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at Duke University. The specific topics within antimicrobial resistance vary, but may include policy proposals, innovative payment models, and incentives for antimicrobial product development and availability. Primary responsibilities include conducting health policy-focused background research; drafting summary documents; performing literature reviews; extensive writing for a range of deliverable types (e.g., policy briefs, white papers, blog posts, peer-reviewed publications); and supporting planning and preparation for Center events, public/private convening, and other project activities through both content development and project/ logistics coordination.
Duke-Margolis Postdoctoral Associate in Health Policy

Duke-Margolis is recruiting multiple candidates for the Postdoctoral Associates Program in Health Policy. This prestigious opportunity is ideal for graduates (PhD, MD, PharmD, other relevant equivalent) that have graduated within the last 0-5 years and demonstrate a strong interest in, and commitment to, a career in health policy. The ideal candidates will have a foundational level of health policy academic and/or professional experience, which the program will supplement with additional hands-on training and mentorship.
Position Title: Communications Specialist
Preferred Location: Washington, DC

The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy is looking for a skilled communications strategist to join the Center’s Communications team to create content for the Center’s communications vehicles and to review, edit, and uphold the Center branding on its social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook). You will work with a team of nationally and internationally recognized researchers, educators, faculty, students, and health policy experts to create and edit compelling and accurate content for Duke-Margolis. Your primary duties will include following a content creation strategy, writing, editing, copyediting, and digital posting management, in collaboration with your colleagues, to produce and promote high-quality deliverables on deadline.