The Institute's Mission is to improve health, health equity, and the value of health care through practical, innovative, and evidence-based policy solutions.

To achieve this mission, Duke-Margolis:

  • Leads problem-focused, interdisciplinary health policy research

  • Conducts timely and impactful policy analysis

  • Develops and supports innovative educational and training opportunities in health policy across the educational continuum

  • Fosters cross-campus collaborations

  • Partners and engages with diverse external stakeholders

  • Translates research and evidence into implementable policy guidance

  • Evaluates health policy solutions across local, national, and global settings

We prioritize work that:

  • Spurs innovation that improves health and enhances value

  • Transforms health care through innovative use of increasingly rich data and analytics

  • Develops and applies evidence-driven strategies to address behavioral and social determinants of health

  • Develops more effective policies to advance health care integration while avoiding the adverse consequences of consolidation

  • Informs and improves decision making for patients, providers, product makers, payers, and policymakers

  • Provides health policy education for the next generation leaders in medicine, nursing, business, public policy, law, engineering, and academic research

  • Educates current and emerging health care leaders on the most effective policies and methods to transform health care