Education and Workforce Development

Education and Workforce Development

Our mission is to educate and train the next generation of leaders who will advance heath and the value of health care at the local, state, national, and global level.

Core Offerings


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Our Goals



Foster collaborations to increase innovative educational and training opportunities offered in health policy across the educational continuum with an interdisciplinary focus.



Support interdisciplinary health policy research at Duke with our external partners through student and professional learner engagement.



Build a diverse community of learners across the educational continuum who engage with the Center throughout their academic careers and apply their health policy knowledge to their chosen career paths and/or current professional positions.


Career Development.

Support internships and professional job placements for students participating in Duke-Margolis educational programs as well as other students interested in health policy and management across Duke.


Scholarship Support.

Expand scholarship programs to provide financial support to the next generation of health policy and management leaders.



Develop a collaborative network of students, faculty, research staff, and external partners to support and fund the Center's education and workforce development initiatives and programs.


Reflecting our mission and educational goals, Duke-Margolis has developed a range of programming at undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate/continuing education levels that develop and hone students’ understanding of health and health care, health policy making and reform, and the capabilities that organizations need to achieve greater value in care. Our programs seek to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders are equipped with the analytic, communication, and leadership skills demanded by an ever-complex health care environment. As a university-wide center, an interdisciplinary lens underpins our unique approach to education and workforce transformation, bringing together perspectives in medicine, nursing, law, business, and public policy, among other disciplines and across sectors.

To learn more about our specific education and training opportunities, please look below.

    As of Fall 2019, 75 students have engaged in Duke-Margolis' Education and Workforce Initiatives, working alongside Duke faculty and researchers across campus and community partner organizations.

    Since 2017, learners have:

    • Participated in experiential learning opportunities, including research projects or teaching assistant opportunities led by Margolis-affiliated faculty and research staff
    • Participated in opportunities to further hone professional and leadership skills in the form of workshops, conferences, and seminars
    • Accessed networking opportunities with health care faculty, staff, and other experts across Duke as well as external academics and senior leaders and practitioners
    • Received both formal and informal mentorship from Margolis-affiliated faculty and research staff
    • Obtained guidance on the available health policy and management courses across Duke and UNC
    • Applied for internship and/or job placement in health policy

    "Margolis truly changed the trajectory of my undergraduate career, and I am so thankful to my village of mentors, who have made this journey possible." -- Kushal Kadakia (Spring 2019 Duke graduate and 2019 Rhodes Scholar)

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    Meet the Duke-Margolis Education Team

    Janet Prvu Bettger

    Janet Prvu Bettger, ScD, FAHA

    Director of Undergraduate Education and Research Initiatives, Margolis Center
    Margolis Core Faculty
    Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
    2020 Intern Mentor
    Anti-Racism and Equity Committee Member

    Gillian Schmidler

    Gillian Sanders Schmidler, PhD

    Deputy Director, Margolis Center
    Professor of Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine
    Margolis Executive Core Faculty
    2020 Intern Mentor
    Anti-Racism and Equity Committee Member

    Corinna Sorenson

    Corinna Sorenson, PhD

    Director of Graduate Education Initiatives and the Margolis Scholars Program
    Assistant Professor in Population Health Sciences
    Margolis Core Faculty
    Anti-Racism and Equity Committee Member

    Sarah Dunn Phillips

    Sarah Dunn Phillips, MA

    Assistant Director of Education, Margolis Center
    Bass Connections COVID-19 Theme Administrator
    2020 Intern Mentor
    Anti-Racism and Equity Committee Member


    Krishna Udayakumar, MD, MBA

    Director of Post-Graduate Education Initiatives, Margolis Center
    Associate Professor of Global Health and Medicine
    Margolis Executive Core Faculty
    2020 Intern Mentor

    Richa Bhatt

    Richa Bhatt, MA

    Program Coordinator

    Executive Faculty Committee

    Don Bradley

    Don Bradley, MD

    Consulting Professor in the Department of Community and Family Medicine
    Margolis Core Faculty

    Buz Waitzkin

    Michael (Buz) Waitzkin, JD

    Bass Connections COVID-19 Theme Faculty Lead
    Margolis Core Faculty
    Deputy Director of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society

    Barak Richman

    Barak Richman, PhD

    Edgar P. and Elizabeth C. Bartlett Professor of Law
    Margolis Executive Core Faculty
    2020 Intern Mentor