Health and Health Policy-Related Courses

Health and Health Policy-Related Courses

The Duke-Margolis Center fosters collaborations to increase innovative, interdisciplinary education and training opportunities offered in health policy across schools and departments.

We pursue a health policy curriculum that integrates foundational, investigative, and experiential learning opportunities beyond the classroom through faculty and departmental partnerships with our interdisciplinary Bass Connections Health Policy & Innovation theme. For more information on our Bass Connections Projects click here

Spring 2023 Health and Health Policy-Related Courses Offered Across Duke

The course listings below are as of 10/27/2022 and subject to change.

Health and Health Policy-Related Undergraduate CoursesSpring 2023 Graduate Courses

Spring 2023 Graduate Courses 2

If you are faculty member interested in partnering with us, contact
Sarah Dunn Phillips, MA, Associate Director of Education