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Undergraduate Students


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Aiming for a career in health policy or simply want to gain exposure and experience in the field? Duke University provides a rich and dynamic environment to advance your knowledge and skills in health policy through supplemental coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and/or connections with leading health policy faculty and practitioners. Opportunities at Duke-Margolis include:

Margolis Scholars

Margolis Summer Internship Program

Margolis Seminars




In addition to our core programs above, the Margolis Center also partners with a variety of campus and private organizations to provide additional programming, including the following:


Student Collaborative on Health Policy Blue Cross Blue Shield Point-of-Care Speaker Series

Course Offerings


Lastly, the Margolis Center recommends undergraduates register for the following courses to continue their education regarding health policy.

Introduction to the United States Healthcare System  

PUBPOL 165 (F/S) provides an overview of key health policy issues in the United States. Topics include: (1) sources of morbidity and mortality; (2) access to health care; (3) financing of health care including an overview of how health insurance works, Medicare and Medicaid and why there are uninsured persons and to what effect; (4) health care quality; (5) end-of-life issues and care in advanced stage illness; (6) the role of non-profit versus for-profit ownership of health care facilities and to what effect; (8) long term care and care-giving issues; and (9) the impact of social phenomenon such as income inequality, social class and culture on health care. Click here to register.  

Coming Soon:   

Health Policy Focus Cluster for first-semester Duke students to be introduced to health policy through a shared housing environment that facilitates discussion and scholarly exploration.

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For more information about undergraduate opportunities and/or other ways students can get involved with Duke-Margolis, please contact: 


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