Health Policy Courses

Health Policy Courses

The Margolis Center fosters collaborations to increase innovative, interdisciplinary educational and training opportunities offered in health policy across schools and departments. The Center supports the development and revision of curriculum across campus on health and health care, health policymaking and reform, and the capabilities and infrastructure needed for high-value health care.

We pursue health policy curriculum that integrates foundational, investigative, and experiential learning beyond the classroom through faculty and departmental partnerships to create, as well as participation in the Bass Connections program.


Coming Soon


  • Reference list courses related to health policy at Duke University 
  • Health Policy Focus Cluster for first-semester Duke students to be introduced to health policy through a shared housing environment that facilitates discussion and scholarly exploration.
  • Announcement of new health policy courses and programs


Bass Connections

The Bass Connections offers interdisciplinary real-world research-based courses for teams of students at all levels. For more information on projects sponsored by the Margolis Center, head to our Bass Connections page, or the feature on our co-administered COVID-19 Bass Connections theme.

    If you are faculty member interested in partnering with us, contact
    Sarah Dunn Phillips, MA, Assistant Director of Education