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The mission of Duke University's Robert J. Margolis, MD, Institute for Health Policy is to improve health and the value of health care through practical, innovative, and evidence-based policy solutions. Duke-Margolis brings together capabilities that generate and analyze evidence across the spectrum of policy to practice, supporting the triple aim of health care – improving the experience of care, the health of populations and reducing the per capita cost. This requires broad multidisciplinary capabilities that few institutions can bring together, and is fueled by Duke University’s entrepreneurial culture. The Institute focuses on increasing opportunities to gain exposure to the field of health policy through collaborative curricular pathways and expanded mentored research opportunities for students interested in health policy.


Our Education programs, Margolis Scholars and Summer Internship Program, enable students to learn through challenging and meaningful activities, gain professional experience within the field of health policy, and link academic learning to policy and practice. These experiences develop strong networking/mentoring relationships that strengthen our Margolis student community


"My internship at Margolis has helped me to solidify my decision to attend law school for health policy and continue to conduct both legal and policy research in the field of mental health and substance use policy. I could not have asked for a more informative and enjoyable summer internship experience!"

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The Duke Student Collaborative on Health Policy (SCOHP), in partnership with Duke Consulting Club and Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, hosted their second annual case competition. Undergraduate students were placed in teams, each with a graduate student mentor. Students will create applicable policy solutions to real-world problems. 

Winning Teams for 2021


  • Feb 2021
    • 1st place: Huzyfa Fazili, Katie Heath, Hannah Shuffer, Hana Hendi, Maya Ghanem (Mentor: Margaret Tran, Fuqua Healthcare Club)
    • 2nd place: Sai Rachakonda, Advika Kumar, Kash Sreeram, Amy Labrador, Rohan Gupta (Mentor: Keren Hendel, Margolis Scholar)
    • 3rd place: Tina Xia, Ashna Ram, Angela Wu, Lucy Ren, Helen Chen (Mentor: Lisvel Matos, Margolis Scholar
  • ​​​​​​​Sep 2021
    • 1st place Team J: Luke Rubin, Nadia Bey, Vihab Nandagiri, Cindy Wu, Rose Lee (Mentors: Doris Zhang/Chris Lea, Margolis Scholars)
    • 2nd place Team E: Supta Das, Minjee Kim, Aneesh Karuppur, Aishani Saha, Angela Huang (Mentor: Sharla Rent, Margolis Scholar)
    • 3rd place Team B: Amitesh Verma, Vineet Chovatia, Bharat Krishnan, Devesh Shah, Arsh Banipal (Mentor: Jessye Halvorson, Margolis Scholar)

We like to thank the planning committee members, judges and sponsors:

  • Sponsors
    • Feb 2021: RTI International, Gold ; Margolis, Silver
    • Sep 2021: RTI International, Gold ; Margolis, Gold
  • Judges
    • Feb 2021: Andrea Thoumi (Margolis), Krishna Udayakumar (Margolis), Dennis Clements (DGHI), Amy Helwig (RTI International)
    • Sep 2021: Andrea Thoumi (Margolis), Dennis Clements (DGHI), Megan Huchko (DGHI), Rukmini Balu (DGHI), Laura Mkumba (FHI360)
  • Planning committee members
    • Feb 2021: Zavera Basrai '23, Sarah Bond '20, Josee Li '23, Charlotte Thomas '20, Sophie Tan '19, Michyla Greene '20, Natalie Wong '23
    • Sep 2021: Zavera Basrai '23, Katie Heath '24, Josee Li '23, Sai Rachakonda '24, Taranjit Saggu '24, Alex Hong '24, Amy Labrador '24

Margolis Scholars

The Margolis Scholars program is a prestigious program for Duke University students that demonstrate strong interest in and commitment to a career in health policy and management, as well as leadership potential to improve health policy. The program is open to students at undergraduate and graduate levels. Selected Scholars are engaged in the program for 1 to 2 years, depending on their program of study.


Featured Margolis Scholars:

Explore information about the Margolis Scholars Program and learn about our current and past Scholars!

Margolis Interns

Each summer, students come from the undergraduate and graduate level at Duke and other Universities to engage with Margolis as Summer Interns. In the Internship Program, students work closely with their mentors on research projects focusing on aspects of: Health Care Transformation, Biomedical Innovation, Global Health, and Education. Through the program, interns gain experiences in qualitative and quantitative research; training and coaching on research skills/presentations/writing skills; participate in the Margolis Seminars, Summer Research Symposium, Journal Club; and build relationships with their peers through virtual socials and team projects.


Featured Margolis Interns:

Amber Lemmons

Amber Lemmons

2021 Margolis Intern

Margolis Summer Experience

Devan Desai, BA/BS '23

Margolis Scholar
2021 Margolis Intern
2022 Margolis Intern


Elaijah Lapay, BA '24

2021 Margolis Intern
Margolis Scholar

Picture of Fateha Zannath

Fateha Zannath

2021 Margolis Intern

pic of nikhil

Nikhil Chaudhry, BA/BS '24

2021 Margolis Intern
Margolis Scholar

Margolis Summer Experience

Riya Mohan, BA '24

2021 Margolis Intern
2022 Margolis Intern
Margolis Scholar

Explore information about the Internship Program and learn more about our Interns!