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Fateha Zannath

Fateha Zannath is a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Public Health Studies and minoring in Economics and Anthropology. At Johns Hopkins, Fateha is a college advising fellow for Matriculate, a brother in Alpha Phi Omega, and a co-founder of the public health podcast, "What in the Health?". At the Bloomberg School of Public Health, she works with Professor Kathryn McDonald to assess how visible factors such as race and gender affect the diagnosis process among patients. Specifically, she is analyzing solutions that mitigate diagnostic disparities. Her ultimate goal is to assess health policies by being mindful of institutional biases and community needs. She hopes to further explore aspects of health policy such as developing evidence-based solutions, communicating research results, and developing sustainable community partnerships. This summer, Fateha will be working on projects related to health and the environment.

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