Duke Elevates Duke-Margolis to a University Health Policy Institute

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Duke Elevates Duke-Margolis to a University Health Policy Institute


January 31, 2024
Duke Elevates Duke-Margolis to a University Heath Policy Institute with Duke-Margolis Logo

January 31, 2024

Durham, NC—Duke University advanced its commitment to improving health care quality, equity, and affordability through health policy by announcing the elevation of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy to the Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy.

“Since its founding in 2016, and with the continued generous support of Bob and Lisa Margolis, Duke-Margolis has established itself as a national leader in interdisciplinary health policy education, research and engagement,” said Duke University President Vincent E. Price. “As we celebrate the university’s Centennial, recognizing Duke-Margolis with institute status also advances our university-wide efforts to have a transformative impact on the future of health and health care.”

The Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy is committed to improving health, health equity, and the value of health care through practical, innovative, and evidence-based policy solutions. It has done so through programs in health policy education, research, and innovation that involve ongoing partnerships with experts across the university and health system, and with diverse experts and stakeholders beyond Duke, to enable practical progress on key challenges to quality, affordable, innovative health care.  

Founded in 2016 through a generous gift—and continued support—from Robert and Lisa Margolis and the Margolis Family Foundation, and Duke University, Duke-Margolis is a trusted, independent voice in complex health policy conversations.

“Duke-Margolis advances actionable and effective solutions to address the most daunting health care challenges through its health policy analysis and development,” said Dr. Mary Klotman, executive vice president for health affairs at Duke University and dean of the Duke School of Medicine. “Duke-Margolis is an ideal partner to advance Duke Health and ensure health care access, quality, and affordability in North Carolina and across the nation.”

As the University’s hub for health policy education, Duke-Margolis provides experiential, interdisciplinary learning for undergraduate and graduate students across schools at Duke and is a sought-after educational experience. The Duke-Margolis Institute prepares students to apply a critical health policy lens to their professional and personal lives to be changemakers.

“Establishing Duke-Margolis as a Duke Institute acknowledges its impact and importance to the University’s future vision,” said Dr. Alec D. Gallimore, Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Duke University. “Interdisciplinarity is a Duke superpower because it broadens, enriches, and prepares our students to think about and work to solve complex issues in a comprehensive, inclusive way. Duke-Margolis is a model of this crucially important interdisciplinary research and education approach.”

With this new Duke recognition, Duke-Margolis will continue to address timely health policy challenges; amplify Duke’s collective ability to support research and education that impacts health policy locally, nationally, and across the globe; and deepen Duke’s recruitment and retention of dynamic faculty and scholars who will lead, research, and explore the most pressing health care challenges of the future.

“Duke’s recognition will expand our efforts to meet growing student interest, and the growing policy need, for interdisciplinary research and educational programs to advance health care reform and innovation,” said Dr. Mark McClellan, founding director of Duke-Margolis. “As the Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy, we will work to deepen our engagement with Duke faculty, and leverage our successful model for collaboration and partnerships to advance Duke’s bold strategic vision and increase our impact on health policy and health reform.”

Learn more about the Duke-Margolis Institute for Health Policy by visiting healthpolicy.duke.edu.


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