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November 8, 2022
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Do you want to be part of health policy in action? Do you want to work on the leading health policy issues confronting cities, states, the nation, and the globe? Do you want to work for a historic, world renowned university that values its faculty, educators and students?  How about a competitive salary with robust benefits? The Duke-Margolis team is a dynamic, high impact national leader in leveraging policy to ensure high quality, affordable care for all. 

In our work, Duke-Margolis addresses critical health policy challenges and delivers practical, innovative, and evidence-based solutions to improve health and the value of health care. The interdisciplinary nature of Duke-Margolis brings together policy experts, researchers, health care professionals, and students from across Duke’s schools of medicine, nursing, law, public policy, business, and engineering, and fosters extensive relationships with and engagement of key stakeholders. These relationships span foundations, private sector organizations, state and federal governments, and global entities. The Center fosters excellence, leadership, and scholarship at every level.

Duke-Margolis currently has open positions that we are looking to fill immediately. Click the link below and take the next step in your professional journey.