Love for Duke, Medical Vocation Inspired Gift

February 9, 2017
Dr. Robert Margolis at Center Launch

When Dr. Robert Margolis (M ’71) considered ways he could improve health and health care, he concluded that his alma mater’s interdisciplinary nature made it the right place to bring together a mix of scholars to create a new health policy center.

“If physicians and clinicians don’t step up and say ‘This is how we – as our profession – can improve health care, then shame on us,” says Margolis, adding that he welcomes collaboration and connection with different fields, including with a policy team in Washington, D.C.

Duke “really is the foundation of my entire professional career . . . one that I have loved every minute of,” he adds. “Duke is near and dear to my heart, because of its foundational basis in making me, hopefully, a good person, a good physician, and a caring parent and husband.”

When Margolis discussed his idea for a health policy center with Duke President Richard Brodhead, Brodhead’s reaction was, “Bingo!  It is completely in the character of this university.”

Watch the video of their conversation.