Payment Reform Evidence Hub


With support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Duke-Margolis Payment Reform Evidence Hub aims to encourage more and better evaluations of innovative care and payment delivery models. The Hub will focus on innovative payment reforms, particularly those being implemented by private payers, purchasers, and states that may have access to only limited support and resources for conducting independent evaluations. As better evidence can guide more effective payment reform, the Hub will disseminate the results of these evaluations in a manner that is most useful for decision-makers.

To gather input, the Hub will hold a series of public meetings and gathering widespread stakeholder input. It has also been working collaboratively with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). In its initial work, the Evidence Hub is focusing on three activities:

  1. Building a clearinghouse or inventory of payment reform evaluations
  2. Identifying tools and best practices for evaluations
  3. Providing new methods for integrating evidence from different sources on payment reforms

These activities will result in multiple white papers that summarize the lessons learned and are disseminated broadly. After these foundational activities, the Hub will initiate evaluations of several promising payment and delivery reforms, thereby increasing the supply of knowledge about reforms.

Download an overview: