Ainsley Buck

ainsley buck

Margolis Summer Interns

Ainsley Buck


Class of 2022

Ainsley Buck is a rising junior at Duke University from Connecticut. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology and certificate in Child Policy Research. Ainsley is currently a research assistant under Dr. Michael Gaffrey in the Duke Early Experience and the Developing Brain Lab, where her work focuses on joint visual engagement and its relation to social development. Ainsley’s primary research interest is in the intersection of the brain and behavior, particularly in early mood and developmental disorders. At the Margolis Center, Ainsley is part of a team working on the North Carolina Early Childhood Action Plan, and more specifically, how to implement statewide screening of social-emotional health in early childhood. Ultimately, she would love to work in pediatrics as a practicing researcher. Ainsley hopes to help families identify these emotional and developmental disorders early on to provide the best possible outcome for the child and their family members.