Alexa Chronister JD '24



Alexa Chronister, JD '24

Adelyn is currently a second year law student. This past summer she interned at the Federal Defenders Program in Atlanta, Georgia in their Capital Habeas Unit. At the Federal Defenders, she worked on death penalty appeals and compassionate release motions for inmates with preexisting health conditions that make them more at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Duke Law, she serves as President of Criminal Law Society and she is a member of the Clemency Project. Before coming to law school, Adelyn was an executive recruiter at a firm that exclusively works with innovative, venture capital-and private equity-backed healthcare and healthcare technology companies. In 2017, Adelyn graduated from Amherst College after majoring in American Studies. As a Margolis Scholar, she is particularly interested in studying prison healthcare reform. Adelyn’s interests also include healthcare access in rural and underserved populations, emerging healthcare technology, and the politics of healthcare reform.