Alexandra Young (MBA '22)

Alexandra Young


Alexandra Young, (MBA '22)

Alexandra earned her B.S. in molecular biology and Spanish at Duke, with a Certificate in Genome Science & Policy. She wrote her honors thesis on the gene patenting legal challenge and the landmark Supreme Court decision AMP v. Myriad. Additionally, her genome capstone team presented policy recommendations on Capitol Hill regarding comprehensive national guidelines that would allow individuals predisposed to inherited cancers access to testing and prophylactic treatment. She designed and co-taught a course on genome science ethics and policy to fellow undergraduate students for two semesters. Prior to Fuqua, she worked for a boutique strategy healthcare consulting firm, where she developed strategies to launch novel oncology therapies internationally, created pricing models for orphan drugs, and designed strategies for bringing molecular diagnostic platforms for infectious disease testing to developing countries. She then worked for a startup pharma company developing novel therapeutics for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and for the life sciences division o fa Private Equity/Venture Capital firm. The integration of science, policy, and the challenge of commercializing new therapies is what drives her today as she prepares to take a leadership role in bringing transformative healthcare advances to patients.