Aubteen Pour-Biazar

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Margolis Summer Interns

Aubteen Pour-Biazar


Class of 2026

Aubteen is a rising sophomore studying Public Policy Analysis at Duke University. Originally from Madison, Alabama, Aubteen is passionate about the intersection of science and policy, and committed to using evidence-based research to inform public policy decisions. On campus, Aubteen actively promoted public awareness and grassroots advocacy through his involvement as a campus ambassador for Free the Facts (a policy education non-profit), Freshman Class Vice-President, and the Youth Outreach Coordinator for The Alabama Channel, a tool that archives meetings of the Alabama State Legislature to promote transparency and accountability in state government. As a Margolis Intern, Aubteen has the unique opportunity to explore his interests in public health and health policy. He is eager to learn more about how policy can be used to address health disparities and promote health equity. This summer, through the Huang Fellows program, Aubteen will be working with Dr. Kate Bundorf.