Christine Goertz DC, PhD

Christine Goertz

Core Faculty

Christine Goertz, DC, PhD


PhD, University of Minnesota

Johnson CD, Green BN, Agaoglu M, Amorin-Woods L, Brown R, Byfield D, et al. Chiropractic Day 2023: A Report and Qualitative Analysis of How Thought Leaders Celebrate the Present and Envision the Future of Chiropractic. J Chiropr Humanit. 2023 Dec;30:23–45.

Lentz TA, Gonzalez-Smith J, Huber K, Goertz C, Bleser WK, Saunders R. Overcoming Barriers to the Implementation of Integrated Musculoskeletal Pain Management Programs: A Multi-Stakeholder Qualitative Study. J Pain. 2023 May;24(5):860–73.

Salsbury SA, Twist E, Wallace RB, Vining RD, Goertz CM, Long CR. Care Outcomes for Chiropractic Outpatient Veterans (COCOV): a qualitative study with veteran stakeholders from a pilot trial of multimodal chiropractic care. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2022 Dec 1;8(1).