David McAdams PhD

David McAdams

Affiliated Faculty

David McAdams, PhD


PhD, Stanford University

McAdams D, McDade KK, Ogbuoji O, Johnson M, Dixit S, Yamey G. Incentivising wealthy nations to participate in the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility (COVAX): a game theory perspective. Bmj Global Health. 2020 Nov;5(11).

Årdal C, Balasegaram M, Laxminarayan R, McAdams D, Outterson K, Rex JH, et al. Antibiotic development - economic, regulatory and societal challenges. Nature Reviews Microbiology. 2020 May;18(5):267–74.

McAdams D, Wollein Waldetoft K, Tedijanto C, Lipsitch M, Brown SP. Resistance diagnostics as a public health tool to combat antibiotic resistance: A model-based evaluation. Plos Biology. 2019 May 16;17(5):e3000250.