F. Reed Johnson PhD

F. Reed Johnson

Affiliated Faculty

F. Reed Johnson, PhD


PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Johnson FR, Gonzalez JM, Sheehan JJ, Reed SD. How Much Better is Faster? Value Adjustments for Health-Improvement Sequences. Pharmacoeconomics. 2023 Aug;41(8):845–56.

Johnson FR. Comment on: Taking the Shortcut: Simplifying Heuristics in Discrete Choice Experiments. Patient. 2023 Jul;16(4):289–92.

Johnson FR, Fairchild A, Whittington D, Srivastava AK, Gonzalez JM, Huang L. How Does the Public Evaluate Vaccines for Low-Incidence, Severe-Outcome Diseases? A General-Population Choice Experiment. Patient. 2023 Mar;16(2):139–51.