Gerrit Hamre MA

A headshot of Gerrit, where he stands on a bridge overlooking a forest and wears a light blue collared shirt with a dark blue jacket and light blue pocket square.

Research Team

Gerrit Hamre, MA


MA, International Management, University of California School of Global Policy and Strategy, San Diego, CA. 2009.

BS, Business Administration, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 1997.

Gerrit Hamre, MA, is a Research Director in Biomedical Regulatory Policy at the Institute. Gerrit has worked for nearly 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on clinical research, regulatory, and commercial roles. Central to much of his career work is extensive internal and external stakeholder engagement to advance innovative, evidence-based healthcare solutions. He has often worked in the drug development and approval environment. Highlights of Gerrit’s career so far have included his work in the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Legislation and as a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa.