Jerry Reiter PhD

Jerry Reiter

Affiliated Faculty

Jerry Reiter, PhD


PhD, Harvard University

DeYoreo M, Reiter JP. Bayesian Mixture Modeling for Multivariate Conditional Distributions. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice. 2020 Sep 1;14(3).

Lott A, Reiter JP. Wilson Confidence Intervals for Binomial Proportions With Multiple Imputation for Missing Data. American Statistician. 2020 Apr 2;74(2):109–15.

Kaufman BG, Klemish D, Olson A, Kassner CT, Reiter JP, Harker M, et al. Use of Hospital Referral Regions in Evaluating End-of-Life Care. J Palliat Med. 2020 Jan;23(1):90–6.