Matthew Harker MPH, MBA


Affiliated Faculty

Matthew Harker, MPH, MBA


Masters in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

MBA from Northwest Nazarene University

BS in Industrial Engineering/Psychology from Boise State University

Project Director and operations lead for current CMMI Community based Palliative Care HCIA award and End of Life portfolio. Linking role with payment and delivery reform projects with local duke health system, regional, and national evaluation opportunities.

Working to extend policy relevant extensions of research being done by key DCRI faculty using registries, linked datasets, and connections with think-tank type work in therapeutic areas.

I have an operational background spanning from military supply chain management, manufacturing, business process reengineering, and data expertise with transferrable knowledge that has various levels of value in the last decade of work in healthcare delivery and research transformation. I work to enhance healthcare operations by managing infrastructure & personnel focused on workflow enhancement, technology use, data management, and streamlining administrative hurdles in increasingly complex research environments that mirror the dysfunction of the modern healthcare system.  I have a personal skillset in transforming healthcare delivery that embodies the right care, informed by science, and eventually cost/value transparent using various messaging/modeling.  In a sea of data and financial misalignment, I feel I have a duty to make things more discernible to everyone providing and receiving care.  I work to bridge knowledge needed for better patient care, treatment delivery, and research processes to have positive impact on my fellow beings. I collaborate with several governmental and industry partners to understand the modifiable barriers and link with academic researchers with the necessary skillsets to design evidence to inform policy change. I have a long working relationship with Dr. Taylor in executing the research plan with the stakeholders involved.


Mr. Harker has over 15 years’ experience working with healthcare quality registries, technology platform support, clinical trials management, practice administration, and research administration with several departments within Duke University Health System.  His background further extends into the fields of manufacturing, software consulting, business analytics, industrial engineering, and technology forecasting.  Mr. Harker also served in the US Air Force in supply chain logistics management and is a trained six sigma green belt. His focus areas include health policy, evaluation, palliative care and end of life.