Megan Knauer (BA/BS '22)

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Megan Knauer, (BA/BS '22)

Megan Knauer, a returning Margolis Intern, is a rising senior at Duke majoring in Medical Utilitarianism. At Duke, she is a middle school mentor with The Girls Club, a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital with Arts for Life, and a student-athlete on the women’s rowing team. At the Margolis Center, she works as a research assistant under Dr. Gillian Sanders Schmidler and a student researcher with the Bass Connections Global Burden of Hearing Loss team. Her long-term goal is to attend medical school and work simultaneously as a practicing physician and a policy advisor, bridging the gap between policy and practice. During her time as a Margolis Intern for the summer of 2021, Megan worked on evaluating the effectiveness of food accessibility programs. As a Margolis Scholar, Megan is excited to build a network of Scholars.

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2021 Summer Research Symposium Presentation

2021 Intern TedTalk