Nadia Bey BA/BS '23

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Nadia Bey, BA/BS '23

Nadia Bey is a rising junior at Duke University studying biology, global health, and bioinformatics. Her primary research interests include Medicaid, access to care, social determinants of health, and pharmaceuticals. On-campus, Nadia is part of the University Scholars Program and will join the Margolis Scholars Program in fall 2021. She is a reporter and editor for The Chronicle and will serve as managing editor in the 2021-2022 academic year. She also volunteers at Neal Middle School through Bull City Scholars and teaches the associated house course. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a graduate degree in public health. During her time as a Margolis Intern for the summer of 2021, Nadia researched the reduction of health disparities in the shift to Medicaid-managed care. As a Margolis Scholar, Nadia is excited for the opportunity to network with faculty and her fellow Scholars as well as learning more about the applications of policy.

                                                             Margolis Internship Program - Work & Deliverables

2021 Summer Research Symposium Presentation

2021 Intern TedTalk