Nikhil Chaudhry Trinity '23



Nikhil Chaudhry, Trinity '23

Nikhil is a junior at Duke Trinity College of Arts & Sciences pursuing a double major in neuroscience and global health with a minor in chemistry. At Duke, Nikhil serves as a Co-Chair of Campus Engagement for the Student Collaborative on Health Policy, Treasurer for Duke Best Buddies, and an executive board member of the Global Health Major’s Union. Nikhil also participates in research through the Carpenter Lab of the Duke Center for Autism and Bass Connections, working on projects related to health equity and global neurosurgical systems. As a Margolis Scholar, Nikhil hopes to continue working on health equity projects and continue exploring other health policy topics introduced to him during his internship at the Margolis Center in 2021. In the future, Nikhil plans on pursuing a medical career and continuing to research health policy. He is excited to meet faculty and other Margolis scholars to learn about effective health policy solutions.