Nina Sperber PhD

Nina Sperber

Core Faculty

Nina Sperber, PhD


PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Shepherd-Banigan ME, Boucher NA, McKenna K, Delgado RE, Whitaker C, Christensen L, et al. Family Caregiver and Provider Perspectives on Inclusive Care: Aligning Needs and Expectations. Med Care. 2021 Nov 1;59(11):961–9.

Goldstein KM, Zullig LL, Andrews SM, Sperber N, Lewinski AA, Voils CI, et al. Patient experiences with a phone-based cardiovascular risk reduction intervention: Are there differences between women and men? Patient Educ Couns. 2021 Nov;104(11):2834–8.

Sperber NR, Shapiro A, Boucher NA, Decosimo KP, Shepherd-Banigan M, Whitfield C, et al. Developing a person-centered, population based measure of "home time": Perspectives of older patients and unpaid caregivers. Healthc (Amst). 2021 Oct 20;9(4):100591.