Osondu Ogbuoji MBBS, MPH

Osondu Ogbuoji

Core Faculty

Osondu Ogbuoji, MBBS, MPH

Focus Areas

MBBS from University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

MPH, Johns Hopkins University

ScD, Harvard University.

Dr. Ogbuoji is an Assistant Research Professor at DGHI and Deputy Director at the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health at DGHI. His primary research interest is in making health systems work better for the poor. At the center, he investigates the health and economic effects on the population when countries transition out of receiving development assistance for health. Part of this work includes estimating the benefits from financing global public health goods that benefit low- and middle-income countries and evaluating innovative approaches for domestic resource mobilization for health. Dr. Ogbuoji holds a medical degree (MBBS) from University of Ibadan, a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and certificate in international health policy and financing from Johns Hopkins University, and a Doctor of Science (ScD) in Global Health from Harvard University.

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