Ro Huang (BA '24)

Margolis Summer Experience


Ro Huang, (BA '24)


Class of 2024

Ro is a junior at Duke’s Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and is studying a self-designed degree entitled Ethical Psychiatric Healthcare & Policy. They are deeply passionate about ensuring the humane treatment of psychiatrically disabled individuals across medical, judicial, and societal institutions. Their research interests also include global health economics and equity. As a Margolis intern in the summer of 2021 and 2022, Ro has investigated international aid for health with the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health under Dr. Gavin Yamey and Dr. Wenhui Mao. They are also a member of a Bass Connections team “Trauma-Informed Courts: A Public Health Approach to Juvenile Justice”. Outside of research, Ro is active in Duke's mental health advocacy scene where they volunteer frequently with Threshold Clubhouse and serve as the President of the National Alliance on Mental Health@Duke. Eventually, they hope to enter an MD-MPH program to incorporate disability studies research and policy in a psychiatric setting to improve patient well-being and provider efficacy.

Margolis Internship Program - Work & Deliverables


Summer 2022 Program Deliverable


Summer 2021 Deliverable Presentation