Ronit Sethi

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Ronit Sethi

Ronit Sethi is a rising sophomore at Duke University majoring in Biology and Global Health. Fascinated by the intersection of patient care, policy, and social innovation in mental health, Ronit hopes to combine these disciplines in his future career to help reform local mental healthcare systems in vulnerable communities. Currently, at Duke, he studies mouse pathologies of spinocerebellar ataxia 7 in the ElMallah Lab, assesses the mental health outcomes of orphan children in Indian residential care homes through a DGHI SRT project, and volunteers for Camp Kesem. He also directs an organization called Diversity Discovered, which distributes books and lesson plans on cultural awareness and tolerance to a network of over 50 classrooms in the U.S. This summer, through the Huang Fellows Program, Ronit will be working on projects surrounding global health.

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2021 Summer Research Symposium Presentation

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