India States Health Innovation Partnership

India States Health Innovation Partnership


This project aims to strengthen health outcomes in India by methodically identifying which Indian states are ripe for innovative partnerships with international institutions and broadcasting these opportunities publicly to spur future partnerships. The team produced two reports that described current state-level health care reform priorities, identified specific areas for potential partnerships, and laid out strategies employed by a range of international institutions with current sub-national partnerships. 

In collaboration with Duke’s Innovations in Healthcare, Duke-Margolis helped complete this joint project with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Funder: Hans Foundation

Duke Lead: Innovations in Healthcare

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Duke-Margolis Team


Krishna Udayakumar, MD, MBA

Director of Post-Graduate Education Initiatives, Margolis Center
Associate Professor of Global Health and Medicine
Margolis Executive Core Faculty
2020 Intern Mentor

Jonathan Gonzalez-Smith

Jonathan Gonzalez-Smith, MPAff

Assistant Research Director