Speaker Request Form

Speaker Request Form

Thank you for contacting the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy.

To ensure that we have information to evaluate each request, we ask that you provide the following information. Please fill out the speech request form as completely as possible, and we'll respond by e-mail.

Please note that submitting a speech request does not guarantee approval. All speech requests will be confirmed or declined by e-mail.

About Your Group

About Your Group

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About Your Event

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Event Logistics

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Other useful information:

  • Copies of any schedule/agenda for the event
  • Any scripts for Dr. McClellan and/or other speakers and any additional background information that might be useful
  • Specific address and driving directions to your event
  • Parking information
  • Any press release produced by your event organizers
  • Background information or speech guidelines
  • On-site contact information
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