Public Event: Mobilizing mHealth Innovation for Real-World Evidence Generation


Public Workshop

Public Event: Mobilizing mHealth Innovation for Real-World Evidence Generation

September 15, 2017 — 2:00PM–4:00PM

Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy - Ground Floor Conference Room

As consumers embrace new technologies as part of their everyday lives, patient-facing mHealth apps and wearables offer a unique opportunity to improve health outcomes by capturing the experiences of people in their day to day life. The Robert J. Margolis, MD, Center for Health Policy at Duke University has brought together a group of experts from across the mHealth and healthcare ecosystem to identify the steps needed to advance the use of patient-facing mHealth data to support the evaluation of medical products. On September 15th the mHealth working group will hold a public meeting to release their action plan on using mHealth data in research. Through a cooperative agreement with FDA, the working group has identified a series of broad goals with recommendations and next steps to build towards the mission of efficiently incorporating data derived from consumer and clinical-use mobile apps and wearables into real-world evidence generation. Specific topics include how to link the mHealth and research communities, leverage new technology, and empower patients.

“Mobilizing mHealth Innovation for Real-World Evidence Generation,” will take place on September 15, 2017, at Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy located at 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20004. This event will be held in the ground floor conference room.

Register for both the in-person event or the webcast through the link above.

Questions regarding the public release and action plan can be submitted to