Safe and Effective COVID-19 Vaccination: The Path From Here


Safe and Effective COVID-19 Vaccination: The Path From Here


The safety, efficacy, benefits, and risks of COVID vaccines are understandably attracting public attention. FDA leaders have recently asserted that FDA standards for vaccine regulations will be met by any vaccine that reaches the American public. HHS has extensive plans in development to distribute the vaccine, first to high-priority groups and then to the broader public. But what are those regulatory standards at FDA, and what are their implications for the decisions that Americans will make about getting a vaccine? 

This event will address two key topics related to the impact of COVID vaccines. First, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research senior leaders will describe FDA’s role in ensuring that COVID vaccines are safe and effective, and how they are undertaking that role under extraordinary circumstances in the ongoing pandemic. Second, the event will address key questions and concerns related to the equitable distribution and access to vaccines once they are available, with particular consideration for high-risk and minority populations suffering disproportionately from the virus. 

Our webinar aims to inform policymakers, state and local leaders, health care providers, and the broader public about what to expect on vaccine safety and effectiveness as these products complete clinical testing and manufacturing, and – if approved – move into distribution.

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