Steven Patierno PhD

Steven Patierno

Core Faculty

Steven Patierno, PhD


PhD, University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Dr. Patierno's current translational research interests are focused on the genomics molecular biology of cancer disparities, cancer biology, molecular pharmacology and targeted experimental therapeutics to control prostate, breast and lung tumor aggressiveness. He is an internationally recognized expert in cancer control, cancer causation and molecular carcinogenesis, which includes a broad spectrum of laboratory and population level research.   He is also actively engaged in cancer health disparities and healthcare delivery research focused on patient navigation, survivorship, community-based interventions, mHealth, implementation sciences, cancer care economics, and policy.

Al Abo M, Hyslop T, Qin X, Owzar K, George DJ, Patierno SR, et al. Differential alternative RNA splicing and transcription events between tumors from African American and White patients in The Cancer Genome Atlas. Genomics. 2021 Mar 8;113(3):1234–46.

Deveaux AE, Allen TA, Al Abo M, Qin X, Zhang D, Patierno BM, et al. RNA splicing and aggregate gene expression differences in lung squamous cell carcinoma between patients of West African and European ancestry. Lung Cancer. 2021 Mar;153:90–8.

Freedman JA, Al Abo M, Allen TA, Piwarski SA, Wegermann K, Patierno SR. Biological Aspects of Cancer Health Disparities. Vol. 72. 2021.