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Health Equity

Duke-Margolis aims to ensure that its health policy research and leadership contributes significantly to dismantling health inequities. The mission of the Duke-Margolis health equity agenda is to achieve measurable and equitable health outcomes among populations experiencing systemic exclusion by bridging health equity and health policy solutions. Our goals are to reduce inequities by applying a health equity lens to policy solutions and research that address systemic barriers to achieving full health and well-being and by preparing future leaders to apply health equity principles in their careers. We aim to increase evidence on policies that systematically reduce racism and disparities in health and implement policies and health system reforms that achieve measurable improvements in equity.

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Health Equity and Responding to COVID-19


Across the Nation

Duke-Margolis is collaborating with local, state, and national leaders to identify and share best practices for the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and therapeutics. 

Around the World

Duke-Margolis Core Faculty members and researchers are focused on mitigating disruptions in primary care and other essential services, and increasing access to COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics in low- and middle-income countries. Read more about the global efforts led by Duke-Margolis, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health, Global Health Innovation Center, and Duke Global Health Institute here.

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Community Engagement in COVID-19 Policy Responses

COVID-19 GAP: The Global Accountability Platform

COVID-19 Health Equity Learning Network

Supporting Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Access, and Uptake


Health Equity in Healthcare Transformation


Duke-Margolis is developing evidence for equitable care delivery and payment strategies. Key health equity topic areas include: alternative payment models to improve health equity, centering equity in Medicaid transformation, data systems and measurement to allow for equity analysis, social drivers of health to be responsive to population health needs, and public health modernization. 

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Exploring Equitable Access to Care and Outcomes Using Telehealth in the Transition to Medicaid Managed Care

Health Care Transformation to Advance Health Equity

Informing North Carolina’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Projected Service Needs of Medicaid Beneficiaries

Timely Guidance on Payment and Coverage Reform

Supporting the Implementation and Disseminating the Learnings of North Carolina's Healthy Opportunities Pilots


Health Equity in Biomedical Innovation


Duke-Margolis is supporting equitable development, use, and access of medical products for patients that need them. Key health equity topics include: clinical trial participation and representation, population health payment models for medical products, representation in development of AI algorithms, and RWE generation on long-term product safety and efficacy in multiple populations.

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Advancing Clinical Trials at the Point of Care (ACT@POC)

Point-of-Care Clinical Trials: Integrating Research and Care Delivery

Understanding Bias and Fairness in AI-enabled Healthcare Software


Health Equity in Global Health


Duke-Margolis is focused on aligning global health financing, care delivery, and access to services and medical products globally through policy reform. Key health equity topics include: global equitable pandemic preparedness and response, global health financing for value, and responding to syndemics (e.g., non-communicable diseases, climate change).

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COVID-19 GAP: The Global Accountability Platform

Women-Inspired Strategies for Healthcare


Addressing Health Equity through Scholarship


Duke-Margolis is equipping future health leaders with the tools and knowledge to assess and address systemic, root causes of health inequity; apply health equity principles to research, program and policy design; and develop policies that advance health equity. Key topics include: foundational knowledge of health equity, applying health equity principles to research design, policy development, and advocacy to advance evidence-based health equity policy, and building interpersonal and technical skills to address systemic root causes of health inequities. 

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Education programming

Health Policy Courses

Duke-Margolis Bass Connections Projects

Duke-Margolis Bass Connections COVID-19 Pop-Up Theme


Anti-Racism and Health Equity Committee


Duke-Margolis established the Anti-Racism and Equity Committee (AREC) following George Floyd’s 2020 death from police brutality, We recognize as a Center the systemic racism and racial and ethnic health inequities present both nationally and locally. We are taking steps to be a workplace, and a research and education institution that embeds the values of anti-racism and equity in our research and academic programming. The Committee identified four high-level aims for the Center and its work:

  • Research Practices and Priorities
  • Academic Programming and Education
  • Staffing, Recruitment, and Retention
  • Communications and Operations

Read more about the ARE Committee here.